Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magnolias n Bird of Paradise - Save the Date Custom Invitation / Retro Mixtape Wedding Personalized Announcements / Happy Easter Cards / Easter - Greeting Card / Egg hunt - easter party invitation / Dragonfly Moon Mousepad / Shelby, 1930s Lady in Aqua and Teal Poster / Misterious Door Postcard

My personal TBA favorites from March 20, 2011 :

Magnolias n Bird of Paradise - Save the Date Custom Invitation
Vintage art elements & original artwork / This vintage artwork has been design for a modern and contemporary wedding collection. There is a complete ensemble of products and can be created in several colorways. If you would like it to match your wedding let us know via email and we'll be happy to assist you. This design consists of a vintage French ironwork design framing antique painted Magnolia and Bird of Paradise flowers. The colors are orange, creamy white, deep greens, greyed greens, cream and grey. The background color is easily changed to match your wedding and can be different on each side should you wish. On the reverse side is the same French Ironwork frame and your wedding text. PAPER SELECTION RECOMMENDATIONS: In addition to the standard paper offered, this would be exquisite with the Champagne or Ice Metallic Papers, Linen or Felt or any of the premium papers. Created By VintageWeddings

Retro Mixtape Wedding Personalized Announcements
Beautiful wedding invitations featuring a retro cassette tape. Created By heartlocked

Happy Easter Cards
Easter Greeting Card . This card is available in different languages. Text: Happy Easter in the language of your choice. Please visit the Holidays/Easter Cards. Non-English Languages Category of our store. Created By artofmairin

Easter - Vertical Greeting Card

Eeepster - Vertical Greeting Card card
Easter - Vertical Greeting Card by jen_street
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Which came first—the chicken or the egg? As it turns out, neither! Eeeps! Have fun this Easter with a new twist on the age-old question. The design features a subtle butterfly background pattern that symbolizes the resurrection of life that is celebrated each Easter. Won’t you give this pair of sneaky Easter buddies a new home? View my additional merchandise at Created By jen_street

Egg hunt - easter party invitation
A cute and bright invitation for your easter egg hunt party. Customize with your own info. Text size, color and font can be edited. Created By kool27stemplates

Dragonfly Moon Mousepad
Dragonflies Escape to the Moon / Creatures of wind and water, two multicolored dragonflies in blues, greens and purples dance over watery waves as they fly their way to the full moon. Dragonflies symbolize water and many other things. To the Japanese, dragonflies are symbols of summer and autumn, and they are respected so much that the Samurai use the dragonfly as a symbol of power, agility, and victory. Dragonflies are often featured in art and literature, including haiku. In China, people associate dragonflies with prosperity, harmony and good luck. The original art is watercolor with digital enhancements, by Kelley Pounds of Kell's Creations. Created By kellscreations

Shelby, 1930s Lady in Aqua and Teal Poster

Colorful art deco woman on a poster/print! Shelby is seated in front of and next to a beautiful set of art deco ironwork fences. She wears a simple hat, pulled down over one eye, and a colorful dress and jacket with matching jewelry. Created By metroswank

Mysterious Door Postcard
charity / All the profit will donate to Japan Red Cross for the victims. Created By Chiyuky

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  1. Wow, two honors in one day. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for including my Dragonfly Moon mousepad on your blog as one of your TBA items. :)