Friday, April 1, 2011

Lamb & Dove on World Buttons / Budding Cherry Blossoms iPad / Girly Vintage Skull Ipad Skins / La Boca Tango Posters

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Lamb & Dove on World Buttons

Happy Easter / Cartoon illustration of Lamb with dove resting on head sitting on the earth, with a star cross in the background in purple space. Fancy Logo type of Happy Easter in white over Lamb and the world. French Water color paper texture. Digital illustration. Created By weisserartstudio

Budding Cherry Blossoms iPad

Delicately illustrated in pink toned pastels. Created By pixiestick

Girly Vintage Skull Ipad Skins

Vintage skull with pink ribbons and flowers is so girly! Created By bonesofsociety

La Boca Tango Posters
by Patricia Vidour - Argentina / Collectable Art by argentine Tango Land's artist PaTrIcIa ViDoUr for all of your decorating and presentation purposes! For home, office or a bar area. A Tango Poster made from my original hand drawing artwork. A great gift for Tango Lovers! Created By Paty_Vidour

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