Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smoking Puff Buddy Vinyl Binders / Graffiti Binder / Little Emo Girl Mouse Pad / Wonderful Fish Iphone 3 Skin / ZOTM iphone case iPhone 4 / Dreaming of Spring Sticker / Music poster / Spring Posters / "Alice in a Brueghel Vision" Postcard

My personal TBA favorites from April 25, 2011 :

Smoking Puff Buddy Vinyl Binders
Smoking Puff Buddy T shirts and Gifts / Smoking Puff Buddy T shirts and Gifts - Health related t shirts and gifts for the entire family. You can easily customize our products with a name or a personal quote to create a unique gift for anyone on your shopping list. Created By sagart1952

Graffiti Binder
Created By Crazy_Rat_Lady

Little Emo Girl - Elzie With Her Ghostly Pets! Mousepads
...and her name was Elzie! / Meet Elzie! She is a sweet emo / Gothic little girl. Here she is being featured with Gustaf, her friendly ghost as well as Pip and Pop the two spooky bats! =) Created By theminionfactory

Wonderful Fish Iphone 3 Skin
Beautiful Color Fish. Created By Sasashop

ZOTM iphone case iPhone 4
ZOTM CPW III / A Zombie of the Month case by Charles p. Wilson iii Support your favorite comic book characters with this rad i 4 case. Created By KickSaveComics

Dreaming of Spring Sticker

Dear little doll series... Traditional painting, 24×30 cm Oils on canvas. © ROUBLE RUST Created By ROUBLE_RUST:

Music poster
still life / color pencils on water color sketch. Created By thurayaart

Spring Posters
Goodbye Winter. Hello Spring. / Angel and the big cat had grew up together since she had been abandoned from heaven during the winters. She found him when he were a very small lonely cub who were lost in the very cold winter time after the mother died. Angel went to pick him up and raise him. Now she had finally stopped the winter and allow spring to come. Created By LegendsArt

"Alice in a Brueghel Vision" Postcard Postcard

by Jasmine Becket-Griffith / "Alice in a Brueghel Vision" is the title - one of my favourite Alice in Wonderland paintings I've done yet! This is the seventh in my sub-series called "Alice in Other Lands" which are paintings featuring Alice in a variety of unusual circumstances inspired by old Masters and Art History movements in general. Not unlike Hieronymus Bosch (who is featured in several of my other Alice pieces) - one of the great things spawned by the Brueghel family masterpieces are the magnificent inferno scenes and wily monsters! Some have made cameos here in my painting! My Alice is here in a surreal landscape featuring several Brueghel references. I've always thought that Alice's adventures should continue into many other bizarre tales, and you can expect to see more from me in the future. My husband Matt did the awesome gothic altarpiece panel frame for this one. This is my own original acrylic painting. Created By strangeling

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