Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Love Cards / Pink Envelope Wedding Shower Card / Tree and Moon Art Mouse Pad - Blue / Gooey Monster Mousepad / Libra Symbol Portable Speakers / Koi Pond - wood - Japanese Design Skateboard / Warm Tahiti Post Card

My personal TBA favorites from June 9, 2011 :

In Love Cards

and the sun is shining! | Show your in love feelings! For people who are in love and their sun is shining! Created By Hadjikiriakou

Pink Envelope Wedding Shower Card

Elegant Bridal Shower Invitation | A rose pink envelope with damask inside, holding a note inviting to a bridal shower. As decoration a white clay heart on a string and a silver heart with "Love" engraved pinned to the envelope, a pretty white flower stuck in the safety pin. In front of the envelope a white satin ribbon, and some more green and white flowers. Customize the inside tet to your specifications! Created By Wedding_Styles

Tree and Moon Art Mouse Pad - Blue

Art by Marta Harvey. Original art was painted with acrylics on canvas and finished with pen & ink work. Created By martaharvey

Gooey Monster Mousepad
C'mon, what kid wouldn't love this mousepad? Created By crazy3dman

Libra Symbol Portable Speakers
Libra zodiac symbol and sign. Created By BirthdayHoroscopes

Koi Pond - wood - Japanese Design Skateboard
Design inspired by Japanese art. Created By sherill_ml

Warm Tahiti Post Card
Warm Tahiti seascape. Created By mixedbrush


  1. Thank you so much for including my TBA on your blog. I'm new at Zazzle so I had to try to figure out what a TBA was when someone congratulated me on it :). Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the feature Rico! I really appreciate it.