Monday, January 16, 2012

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Hey buddy!

Have a cool day? Let me tell you what's cool.

Customer: Do you provide printing service?
Answer: Bingo. We provide printing service for whatever you want.
Catalogues, Periodical Magazines,
Brochures, Flyers, Children's books, Calendars, Stickers and so on
are all our specialties.
Customer: Are you trustworthy vendor?
Answer: Bingo. We provide printing service for whatever you want. None of
our products has ever
failed to satisfy our clients. We can also provide you samples,
proof and mock up for you to
examine our work before the trading.
Customer: What is your advantage?
Answer: PRICE! Our price is much cheaper in the market due to our advanced
equipments and
scientific management. It is said that our price is up to 35%
cheaper than others.
Customer: Who are you?
Answer: Wendy of H&C Printing Co., Ltd; a professional printing service
provider in the industry for
many years and supplies high cost performance products for the
whole world.
Customer: How can I reach you?
Wendy: Just reply me right now. Your interest and detailed description for
the requirements will be
paid back by considerate quotation.

Best regards,
Unit 202, #93, International Village,
Jinshan West Road, Huli District,
Xiamen 361006, China
Tel: 0086 592 555 3179

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