Monday, July 28, 2014

Today's Picks from Zazzle Include: Vibrant Laptop Sleeves, Dry Erase Boards, Funny T-Shirts and More!

Today's Featured Store  
Abby Castro Designs

Life Doodles Messenger Bags

Life should be filled with colors, love and music! Show and share life's excitement with this colorful drawing on white background! Available on various custom products.

Greetings from a friendly blue monster spiral note books

Say a simple hello to a friend, a relative or a loved one through this cute and friendly monster! Don't worry, he doesn't bite. This adorable vector design is available on several customized products. Designed by Abby Castro.

Cool Blue Fun Doodle Lines Pillow

Nothing could be more fun than these blue lines and curves! The craziness of this colorful pattern definitely makes an awesome design, don't you think? Show off your serene / calm/ peaceful side with these cool doodles. Design is customizable and a 100% original by Abby Castro. Perfect as a personalized / custom gift.

Elegant Swirls Silver and Blue 3 Ring Binder

Store your recipes, notes, homework or messages in this elegant-looking binder! Its design features brightly colored swirls and a modern Victorian-like pattern. Before buying this personalized binder, don't forget to customize the text on the spine! :)

Home is where you are poster

Home is where you are poster
Home is where you are poster by AbbyCastro
Look at Abby castro Posters online at

"I cannot imagine my life without you. Home is where you are and where you are is where I'll always be. I love you."

Today's Featured Product & Designs: 
Vibrant Laptop Sleeves

Kandinsky Yellow Red Blue Laptop Sleeve

Wassily Kandinsky Yellow Red Blue laptop sleeve. Oil painting on canvas from 1925. Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky progressed through multiple periods throughout his career, his abstract period is arguably his most dynamic and critically acclaimed. Yellow Red and Blue is one of his most vibrant abstract paintings, featuring the title colors red, yellow and blue as well as arresting black lines, figures and shapes. A great gift for fans of Kandinsky, abstract art, Russian painting, and vintage prints.

Colorful Cute Girly Cool Tribal Geometric Pattern Computer Sleeve

Colorful, decorative abstract tribal design inspired by African and Native American ethnic patterns featuring all kinds of shapes: triangles, squares, diamonds, stripes, dots and zigzag patterns in bold, neon colors like lime green, turquoise, teal, pink, gold, yellow, apricot and black outlines and a cool grunge effect for a vintage-style distressed feel. This vibrant, girly geometric ethnic-inspired pattern is designed for the fashion forward, the trendsetter, for the fan of bold colors and abstract shapes and for everyone who loves trendy pretty things and has a great taste. Cool, cute and trendy protection for your electronics and a perfect gift for Her.

Neon Pink Yellow Ombre Abstract Stripes Pattern Laptop Sleeves

A bright, 80's neon pink and yellow ombre fade abstract stripes pattern featuring neon pink, and neon yellow, orange gradient on waves geometric stripes. The gradient features sunset gradient colors. Get this nostalgic funky 80's pattern. Perfect summer gift for her, the psychedelic girl who loves neon patterns. Girly Road is a collaboration between Girly Trend and Railton Road

Believe In Yourself Laptop Computer Sleeve

An inspirational and motivational message, "Believe In Yourself", over beautiful vibrant teal background with butterflies and flowers.

Today's Picks: Funny T-Shirts

Procrastination T Shirts

Procrastination T Shirts
Procrastination T Shirts by HunkyUncie
Check out other Slacker T-Shirts at

Are you a slacker? Let the world know!. I put the Pro in Procrastination.

Broke Tee

Broke Tee
Broke Tee by romeotees
Browse Funny T-Shirts online at

Livin la vida broka!!! 


DAD OF TWINS: CLASSIC OVERACHIEVER T-shirts & Apparel for all Dads of twins. Fun to spread a little twin humor every time you wear it!

I Know HTML How To Meet Ladies Shirt

I Know HTML How To Meet Ladies H.T.M.L 

Today's Trendsetting / Best Sellers: 
Dry Erase Boards

Mint and Gray Chevrons with Custom Name Dry Erase Boards

A modern and simple design with an area to add some custom text. 

Life. More Organized. Meal Plan Dry Erase Board

This dry erase board is perfect for planning out your weekly meals and keeping track of groceries that are needed.

Create own chalkboard designs - add text pics etc Dry-Erase board

NOTE: to use this as a dry erase board YOU will need a white dry erase pen, obtain separtaely! I have created this retro classic chalkboard (blackboard) background ready for you to add your own chalk effect images and text to create a unique chalkboard designed gift or accessory. Zazzle's online editing features easily allow you to add text in a range of fonts, several that give a nice chalk effect. You can also add your own images. The chalk effect on this blackboard is white. Let your imagination run wild! This chalkboard effect is available on a wide range of gifts, accessories, stationary and t-shirts, caps etc. that you can customise.

Elegant Modern Gray Chevron and Mint Monogram Dry Erase Whiteboard

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