Friday, March 25, 2011

Budding Concept Canvas Bag / Psychedelic landscape pro-keds high top / Gift From God Iphone 4 Skin / Boy Viewing Mount Fuji iPhone 3G Case / Pandora's Mask poster / Retro Circles Business Card / Herb and spice bottles cooking culinary biz cards / Charming two-toned artistic business card

My personal TBA favorites from March 24, 2011 :

Budding Concept
Earth Day T-Shirts, Earth Day hats, Earth Day stickers, Earth Day bags, Earth Day magnets, Earth Day buttons. Created By ZazzleHolidays

Psychedelic landscape boot custom pro-keds high top shoe
psychedelic landscape boot, altered image of Burnsall Bridge in Yorkshire, UK. Created By tykeloiner

Gift From God Iphone 4 Skin
Created By flyingdisc

Boy Viewing Mount Fuji iPhone 3G Case
Boy Viewing Mount Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai (1760 1849). The original is painted on silk and is one of a kind. The painting shows a boy playing a flute while sitting on a Willow branch viewing Mount Fuji. The branch overhangs a stream. Mount Fuji is a strong Spiritual Symbol in Japan. Other symbolism in the painting includes the boy which signifies youth and the stream which signifies the passing of time. In the distance behind Mount Fuji can be seen smoke rising from the still active volcano. Created By artfromjapan

Pandora's Mask poster

By Sam Werczler / Artwork about the Greek myth of Pandora. Pandora was a beautiful mortal woman created by Zeus (who wanted to punish the humans after Prometheus stole fire for them). She married Prometheus’s brother, who took her to earth. The gods gave her many gifts, which she kept in a jar. When she opened the jar, it contained plagues and disasters, which condemned humanity to a life marred by misery. The only good thing in the jar was hope, the sole consolation for the human race. Created By werczler

Retro Circles Business Card
Green and violet circles with a light green background. Created By kamizzz

Herb and spice bottles cooking culinary biz cards business card
for chef, cooking classes, catering, culinary pros / Herb and spice bottles business cards for personal or private chefs, caterer or catering, cooking classes or culinary instruction, and other of food, cooking, or culinary business. Retro style red berry spices, leafy green herbs, powder, and cinnamon sticks in white bottles with colored tops on a light green and checkered green background. Created By chefcateringbizcards

Charming two-toned artistic business card
Classy two-toned artwork business card from MY ORIGINAL ARTWORK. Created By Virginia5050

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