Saturday, May 7, 2011

Animal Magnetism Magnet / 2nd Birthday Puppy Dog Personalized Announcement / Preschool Graduate Pinback Button / Wedding Invitation Daffodil / Save the Date Seashell Heart Postcard

My personal TBA favorites from May 6, 2011 :

Animal Magnetism
A little picture of animals stuck on a fridge, that could end up stuck on a fridge. Deep. Created By thatpicturecardsite

2nd Birthday Puppy Dog Personalized Announcement
This cute kids second birthday party invitation features a a spotted puppy dog wearing a party hat on a blue background with dots and a big number 2. Can be used as a thank you card, a party invitation, an announcement and more. Completely customizable. Created By wingding

Green Preschool Graduate Pinback Button
Cute cartoon monkey with a green graduation cap holding a deploma. Created By TheGraduationShoppe

Wedding Invitation Daffodil / Narcissus Floral
Narcissus 'Geranium' / A simple Wedding Invitation featuring a black background with a photograph of beautiful white and golden yellow daffodils / narcissus. Part of a co-ordinating range from ArtformTheHeart. Created By ArtformTheHeart

Save the Date Seashell Heart Postcard
Save the Date with this seashell shaped heart - totally customizable for you to personalize for any event! Perfect for beach themed events! Created By Meg_Stewart

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