Saturday, July 2, 2011

All Star Sports Balls w/ Brick Wall Envelope / Butterflies and Stripes Binder / Regina Mermaid Greeting Card / Owls 06 Gift card / Thank you wedding floral swirls greeting cards / Lighthouse Mouse Mats / Soup Kitchen Fridge Magnets / Laguna Ipod Speakers / Eagle Totem Ipad Skins / the piano player case for the iphone 3 / Love Ipad Case

My personal TBA favorites from June30, 2011 :

All Star Sports Balls w/ Brick Wall Envelope
Awesome sports all-star matching product set features soccer ball, baseball or softball, basketball, football, tennis ball, golf ball, football and a brick wall with blackboard theme. Perfect for your sports personal training or fitness business, for personal use or for a youth league or kids children's team. This item is avaliable as a complete collection including invitations, Magnets, Stickers, Posters, Business Cards, Letterhead, Binders and More! Created By cutencomfy

Butterflies and Stripes Binder
Modern, bold and eye catching binder. Great to make an impression and keep documents in style. Add a touch of class to your personal space. Whether in a cubicle, home office or classroom make sure to make a statement with this design. Features butterflies on a stripes background and polka dots pattern on the bottom. Customize it with your name or the content of the binder. Ideal gift for someone that got a new job or will start college. Other matching products available. Created By marlenedesigner

Regina Mermaid Greeting Card
By Renee L. Lavoie | Taken from my original 8x10 acrylic on canvas painting I created in July of 2011. Created By Fairylover17

Owls 06 Gift card
Owls 6 card by Kewzoo | An original, hand drawn, cute owl design scanned on to different backgrounds to make a truly unique card. A great gift card for owl lovers. Created By OwlsofKewzoo

Thank you wedding floral swirls greeting cards
cupid love romantic thanks appreciation eros
“Thank you” wedding cards with fully customizable text templates. DESIGN: A beautiful antique portrait of cupid, also known as Eros, is standing nude, with his "bow and arrow" raised, with an arrow ready to strike it's love. The cherub has pale blonde hair and is surrounded by "dark chocolate" floral swirls, "scallop shell" bubbles and a background in "myrtle green", "olivine green" and a khaki pear color. COPYRIGHT: The design is copyrighted to Robin Wood - All rights reserved. STORE ADDRESS:* Created By mensgifts

Lighthouse Mouse Mats
Created By bartonleclaydesign

Soup Kitchen Fridge Magnets

Created By PeppersPolishMafia

Laguna Ipod Speakers
Like an abstract line of dolphins, this fractal design reminded me of the open sea. Features a repeating pattern or blues and white. Created By ArchetypusDigital

Eagle Totem Ipad Skins
Northwest Eagle Totem | Crescent totem pole section- the Eagle as centerpiece, the bear, the human and other characters. Black on white native american inspired. Created By dianegaddis

the piano player case for the iphone 3
By Chaos the Red | This original design painted by Chaos the Red features this skeletal fellow playing the piano in lovely sepia tone in a smoky bluesy nightclub seen. Created By ChaostheRed

Love Ipad Case
Created By OddsAndEndsStore

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