Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flower - Sunflower - Vase of Sunshine Binders / Teacher's Sunflower Black Binder / Shades of Fibonacci Greeting Card / Creepy Clown Badge Pinback Button / Abstract VI Iphone 4 Cases / Grow Square Sticker

My personal TBA favorites from August 5, 2011 : 

Flower - Sunflower - Vase of Sunshine Binders

Sometimes simple is best, flowers sitting in the sunlight, great for people that have allergies. Created By suburbanscenes

Teacher's Sunflower Black Binder

Cheerful 3-ring binder notebook for your lesson plans or other papers. Customize the front title, your name, and school name. Spine title can also be edited. Big sunflower against a black and white polka dot background. Also available in red, green, and blue. BizeeBoy says thanks to teachers everywhere for the great job you do! Sunflower Image © Country Life Graphics Created By bizeeboy

Shades of Fibonacci Greeting Card

A Corel Painter digital painting, based around the golden ratio and the spiral formed by the fibonacci numbers, painted in my digital technique mimicking how I paint with spray paintings from cans only on the computer. Created By Hakonart

Creepy Clown Badge Pinback Button

Creepy Clown Badge button
Creepy Clown Badge by DoodleDojo
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The creepiest clown around. Are you a disguised evil clown? Well now you can let everyone know that you are part of the secret freaky clown society that is plotting to overthrow the government with a secret custard pie plot. Or maybe you just like to freak people out using creepy clown faces? Created By DoodleDojo

Abstract VI Iphone 4 Cases

Drawing - copyright 2010, Peggy Lea Baker, colored pencil, colored ink pens, gel pens. Created By ctrcreations

Grow Square Sticker

Created By DesignsByDeb

If you would like to purchase any of these award winning items, just click on the image you like and you'll be taken to Zazzle to purchase Most of these designs are also available on other products.

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