Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Dino 3-Ring Binder / American Cowgirl Vinyl Binder / All my chickens mouse pads / Snail & Mushrooms Bag / La Calavera Catrina Doodle Speakers / Soul of the forest I pad Case / Alice in a Dali Dream Art Print / London bus poster

My personal TBA favorites from August 19, 2011 :

Baby Dino 3-Ring Binder
Dino Art. Created By IsabelDC

American Cowgirl Vinyl Binder
1.5" Avery Binder featuring an American cowgirl design. Created By dgpaulart

All my chickens mouse pads
All my chickens mousepad
All my chickens by KrazyKerry
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A day in the life of all my chickens. Created By KrazyKerry

Snail & Mushrooms Bag
Snail & Mushrooms Bag bag
Snail & Mushrooms Bag by lowvincentyh
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© This artwork is designed, drawn and owned by Vincent Low Y H aka lowvincentyh/TribbieTrip/TribbieVincent. All Rights Reserved. Created By lowvincentyh

La Calavera Catrina Doodle Speakers

An adaptation of José Guadalupe Posada's 1913 "La Calavera Catrina", this version has been simplified, cleaned up and colorized. Perfect for celebrating the Mexican holiday "Dia de los Muertos" (The Day of the Dead) on November 1st and 2nd. Created By seidabacon

Soul of the forest I pad Case
Watercolor on paper. Created By margheritaart

Alice in a Dali Dream ART PRINT wonderland lowbrow
by Jasmine Becket-Griffith "Alice in a Dali Dream" is the title - this was a very fun one to do - one of my favourite Alice in Wonderland paintings I've done yet! This is the ninth painting in my sub-series called "Alice in Other Lands" which are paintings featuring Alice in a variety of unusual circumstances, thrown into settings inspired by my love of art history (be sure to check out the other installments honoring Bosch, Velázquez, Brueghel, da Vinci and more). This of course is a bit of a parody / homage to Spanish Surrealist (and fellow sometime Floridian artist) Salvador Dali! Here we have my Alice with nods to countless Dali references - the lobster telephone, swans reflecting elephants, more elephants on stilts, and of course melting clocks as in the 1931 masterpiece "Persistence of Memory." Dali himself was a big Alice fan, so the combination of the two works out well! My own original acrylic painting. ******PLEASE NOTE - FEEL FREE TO CHANGE SIZES, PAPER TYPE, ADD A FRAME, MATTING, OR LEAVE IT AS A PLAIN PRINT!*** Created By strangeling

London bus poster

London bus and big ben at sunset poster. Created By holtphoto

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