Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christmas ornament gift tags blue white / Butterfly Dreams Mouse pad / Save The Hooters Button / htakenlv keychains / Abstract Nature Collage With Butterfly's Laptop Speakers / The sickness ipad skins / Card Trick Skate Boards

My personal TBA favorites from August 31, 2011 :

Christmas ornament gift tags blue white

Elegant present tags, Xmas decorations template | Elegant Christmas gift tags for corporate & personal use are fully customizable. This sticker has a vibrant, dark navy blue background with sparkling ivory bubbles representing soft snow. IDEAL FOR: Gifts that are large or horizontal (wine or drink year end gifts), Xmas presents, address labels or any other use over the festive period. CUSTOMIZE IT: Change the color of the background, the color / size and style of the font or delete any images or template fields you don't require. MATCHING RANGE: To view the full range of unique and trendy items in this line, visit our homepage and select the "Invitations" and "Major holidays" categories. COPYRIGHT: With thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the graphics. CUSTOM ORDERS: For any assistance with custom orders or color changes, send me a note on my homepage. STORE WEB ADDRESS:* Created By mensgifts

Butterfly Dreams Mouse pad

Beautiful Butterfly inspired mousepad. Created By ButterflyDreamz

Save The Hooters Button

Great Owl Breast Cancer Design | Save The Hooters pink ribbon breast cancer design with a pair of owls. Great for awareness, walks, survivors and patients and anyone in the fight. Created By PinkRibbonGoods

htakenlv keychains

Choose your own styles sizes colours words fonts!! I'm having loads of fun digitally repainting and colour blending different photos & graphic designs... here is one of the results... Enjoy! Created By CreativeColours

Abstract Nature Collage With Butterfly's Laptop Speakers

Design is available on other products | Colorful abstract nature collage with butterfly's. See more of my speaker designs. Created By artOnWear

The sickness ipad skins

Mark Palmer's original art. Created By mdpalmer

Card Trick Skate Boards

This unique skateboard deck is based on Ray Yeargin's digital abstract art. His paintings were created using his original software (developed over the past 20(!) years) which enables him to produce art unlike that of anyone else. Use the magnifying glass at the upper right of the board image to see the smoothness of the lines, the morphing of color and the fine detail that make this deck look so expensive. Compare that image to cheap skateboard decks and you can't miss the difference. Created By PaintBoards

If you would like to purchase any of these award winning items, just click on the image you like and you'll be taken to Zazzle. Most of these designs are also available on other products.

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