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Tweet Music Christmas Tree Ornaments / Ascending Spirit Abstract iPad Case / Armagedon Some Iphone 3 Case / Ace of Swards Iphone 4 Case / Kanji Skull - I Love You Custom Skate Board

My personal TBA favorites from July 26, 2011 :

Tweet Music Christmas Tree Ornaments

Bluebird Song | Tweet Music. Cute little blue bird tweeting and chattering. His sweet song is full of melody and conversation. Tweet tweet tweet! Fun t-shirts and gift gear for any occasion. Created By StargazerDesigns

Ascending Spirit Abstract iPad Case
Created By windyone 

Artists Profile:

About Me: Charmaine Paulson - My passions have always been for art. I am a full time artist/designer and have worked in art related endeavors all of my days. I am a firm believer that if we do what we love our lives will be full and satisfying.

Artistic Interests: My Zazzle stores are developing into a full time passion.For the highest possible print quality: the designs you see here are vector graphics which are then rasterized into Hi RES PNG images.

Armagedon Some Iphone 3 Case

Ross Farrell/FROX | Grin and bear it, skull style. Created By Rfarrelldesign

Artist Profile:
About Me: Ross Farrell - Growing up as a child of two creative and quite unstable artist parents, I was raised in the cult of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Happily I have been out of this very destructive cult for over fifteen years now. My life was full of uncertainty. I was constantly uprooted with my three siblings and moved to different states and even different countries, Guatemala and Belize, to be missionary’s. My eldest sister Lorraine, older brother Lincoln, Josh, my little brother and I, all moved from home to home, twenty times before we were in our teens. Then when I was 18, a little gift arrived in the form of my little sister, Carly. She got to live the crazy life too. Lucky her. Our lives infused with hate for the world around us…. never trust anyone, all were evil and we were taught that all would perish in a so-called Armageddon (in other words, god would murder a shitload of people even babies) unless we brought and they accepted god’s message. Fucked for life, right? Hell no!!! I love a challenge. The best revenge is living well, and I most certainly believe in revenge. Nothing beats a chilled vodka Martini and a great cigar with friends. As an adult, my life is still full of creativity, craziness and adventure, just more positive now. My beautiful and always funny wife (she needs a real sense of humor to be with me, somewhere there are a pair of wings and a halo with her name on it, that is if heaven exists) feeds my creativity and inspires my world. Barbara and I have been together now going on twenty-two years. We still struggle, as everyone does in life but we always try to have a sense of comedy about almost all tragedies. My life experience has truly impacted my media. mediums have included sculpture, abstract paintings, and now this collage artwork. I use as little computer assistance as possible - Trying to keep it old school. Each piece is hand cut with an x-acto blade and layered and configured to create a unique story. Some pieces are dark. Some are whimsical. Some are a little of both. As you guessed and will experience when viewing my work, religion and god have a strong voice in all of my art, usually negative, but so does sex, not negative - it’s my favorite hobby - love, also, not negative, freedom, violence, tenderness, anarchy, plant, animal, human, adventure, loss, and redemption. (please turn record over)

Artistic Interests: Art, Music, Vodka, more vodka.

Personal Interests: My lovely partner in crime, Babe. movies, sex, movies with sex, peace, sunny days, my art, good friends, great cigars and great vodka.

Ace of Swards Iphone 4 Case


Artist Profile:

About Me:  LIZ LOZ - CREATIVE DIRECTOR AND DESIGNER FOR AFRO-FUSION.COM Liz Loz Born in Caracas, Venezuela, of Cuban exiled parents and educated in Puerto Rico. Where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree from the InterAmerican University, San German, San German, Puerto Rico. In 1980 was introduced to oils and pastel by College professor who studied under the master Olga Albizu, BA and was herself a student of the famous abstract painter Hans Hoffman. Participated in several art workshops, but it is fair to say, it has been mostly freelancing and self-taught. In the early 80’s made South Florida her permanent residence. Liz Loz dedicated to work in the Social and Human services of the Miami-Dade community. Art has been the vessel an outlet from her career as a Social Worker. The daily challenges of assisting the needs of various types of populations drove Liz Loz to find beauty in everyday life objects. Channeling the ability to understand color, shape and light led her to work as a photo-stylist, designer, decorator and as a consultant to art galleries, road exhibitions and retail stores. After an assessment of the consumer’s trend developed a studio where vintage Levi’s denim jeans and jackets where customize and hand painted creations were exhibited and sold. “My work is a constant practice and development of inspirational insight and eagerness to leave an expressive mark”. Liz Loz’s background has created an unusual flair of both primitive, Afro-Cuban and contemporary art. Liz Loz’s pieces are a tribute to the ancient Orishas(Yoruba gods and goddesses) with the enhancement of photography, digitalization and other modern techniques, her art is as unique and sensually mystical as this artist. Her signature is the use of mixed media, an array of inks, oils, pastel, wax, charcoals, pencils and other materials. Most of her pieces are monochromatic with variations of one or two colors. Her favorite tones are the blues, purples and bronzes.



Kanji Skull - I Love You Custom Skate Board

Kanji Skull -
Kanji Skull - "I Love You" by AV_Designs
Shop for skateboard decks on
Kanji Skull Skateboard Deck. I love you Chinese Character. Created By AV_Designs

Artist Profile:
About Me: Just another car enthusiast with nothing else better to do than to make mouse pads. I actually came upon this site on accident back in Dec 09. Didn't do much with it til November 2010. I find this site to be a great escape from everyday drama and stress.

Artistic Interests: Cut and Paste.

Personal Interests: * Cars * Snowboarding * Graphic Design

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